Taylor Swift in prison row with blogger who recommended
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 13th June 2020

Pop star Taylor Swift has been accused of “unacceptable intimidation methods” after threatening prison action towards a blogger.

The singer’s lawyer wrote to Meghan Herning regarding a piece of writing she wrote for online politics and subculture magazine PopFront, which recommended that lyrics from Swift’s new album Reputation, due for release on Friday, advocated white supremacist movements.

Citing posts on far-proper blogs and websites, Ms. Herning mentioned the idea that Swift turned into “an icon of white supremacist, nationalists, and other fringe corporations”, appearing lyrics that spoke to their “anger, entitlement and selfishness”.

She said imagery within the music video for Look What You Made Me Do, the first single released from Reputation, bore “uncanny and unsettling” similarities to the upward push of Hitler and Nazi Germany.


The article, dated five September and titled ‘Swiftly to the alt-proper: Taylor subtly gets the lower case KKK information’, also criticises the singer for no longer endorsing Hillary Clinton in advance of last yr’s US presidential election.

It says that her relative political silence will be visible as a “subtle encouragement” of the ways proper.

In a letter dated 25 October, Swift’s legal professional accuses Ms. Herning of defamation and needs the thing’s removal, along with the ebook of a complete retraction. The letter states that the blog post is “replete with demonstrable and offensive falsehoods” that “completely misrepresent” the award-prevailing celebrity.

The letter also threatens a lawsuit and warns Ms. Herning in opposition to making it public with the aid of mentioning US copyright law, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has now waded into the dispute on behalf of the blogger and published the lawyer’s letter.

The ACLU has written to Swift and her representative annoying that they refute their “meritless felony defamation threats” and asking them to affirm that they’ll no longer pursue a lawsuit via thirteen November. The union says that the weblog post is opinion included by way of the First Amendment.

The ACLU’s letter says that her public profile leaves her open to “unfavorable as well as favorable remark” and – quoting one of Swift’s maximum popular tracks – says that she need to be capable of “shake it off”.

ACLU attorney Matt Cagle said: “Intimidation approaches like those are unacceptable.

“Not in her wildest dreams can Ms. Swift use copyright regulation to suppress this exposure of a risk to constitutionally blanketed speech.”

Blogging Is a Big Boon for the Writers Out There

Every creator has a positive kind of subject matter in thoughts that fascinates them a lot that they remember writing about it and doing a blog for starters. This running a blog helps you to supply a new excessive on your ardor and helps you get going with it together with your writing skills.

It wishes a variety of determination and time and patience to release a weblog and paintings on it diligently to get an excellent end result, however, all that hard work can pay off on the quiet of the day and there are a number of blessings that a blogger gets to experience.

Here are some of them:-


Blogging facilitates to provide you the exercise that you require in relation to writing. In order to make your writing skillful, you want to have rigorous practice in it. The only exercise assists you to expand talents which can be higher and make you a perfectionist. Blogging offers you that possibility to decorate your abilities.


A blogger or a creator has a million matters encircling their minds. They are considering innumerable things all of the time and it gets quite difficult to don’t forget all of the thoughts on the time of requirement. Hence blogging is a superb way of restoring the one’s mind in one place. Writing down your thoughts in a creative and skillful manner is a first rate way of storing anything idea came on your thoughts once and the use of it later if important.


If you’re planning to get rich in a very quick time, perhaps blogging is not a very wise option, but you could still begin and get a few money earned with this talent of blogging. There are more than a few of things that you can start with that can help you to face in your own ft along with selling advertising area for your blog, selling developing brands at the social media platforms or get well acquainted with other bloggers for grabbing larger offers.

Book Review: How To Make Money Blogging By Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich offers some great information in his ebook, How to Make Money Blogging. I especially like that he has attempted his hints, and has had confirmed fulfillment, previous to writing this book. I’ve been blogging given that 2011 and I are still getting to know. One of the main things, in line with Lotich (and I see why), is that a blogger has to be open to learning new things.

This ebook is a bit brief, however, incorporates a whole lot of precious records. Lotich writes in a brief and direct way, which I occur to love, mainly while analyzing books like this. Lotich additionally gives a Blogging 101 course for individuals who are new to going for walks a WordPress weblog. He also offers the fundamental first steps on the way to start a blog, such as locating a domain name, finding an internet website hosting bundle, and installing WordPress.

Lotich offers the first-rate recommendation via his non-public, relevant, and honest experiences and opinions. He gives real websites to assist a brand new (or seasoned) blogger in numerous regions. He explains the information in a way that’s smooth to understand for the non-programmers.

Just a number of the ideas Lotich offers encompass:

Submitting articles to other sites – of course, there are a few ways to do that. I use EzineArticles and GoArticles, which might be just two of the websites he suggests. (By the way, WordPress has an EzineArticles plugin, but there is not one for GoArticles).
Affiliate product sales – I appeared into this a long term in the past, but I am thinking about revisiting this concept.
Joining a listing – I have most effective started looking into this (and the websites he indicates).
Ads – even as I changed into against advertisements when I began my blog, I even have introduced them, however, I genuinely have not visible any real sales from them. Lotich gives tips on how to make these commercials greater powerful. I even have implemented those hints… I’ll see if they are extra effective now over the next couple of months.
Adding precise plugins or widgets to enhance the features and usefulness of the website.
Having carried out and used a number of the practices and groups he has used and indicates, I advise this (unfastened) ebook (available on Kindle) to anybody interested in, just beginning, or has been running a blog.


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