This Latina Blogger Shares How Building Your Blog’s Presence
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 13th June 2020

The weblog that Erika Batista started out in 2011 isn’t the same weblog that readers can click on via these days. Instead of focusing totally on fashion and beauty content material, Batista has increased into more susceptible and personal factors of her life — her reviews and lived studies.

Alongside a sponsored Instagram publish approximately Dove’s haircare line you’re now simply as likely to discover Batista’s mind on DACA, contemporary occasions like Charlottesville or her very own crowd-sourced initiative to assist families coming to the New Jersey vicinity from Puerto Rico.

It’s a version that has labored for Batista due to the fact its authenticity is palpable.

“The amount of love or honesty I get from my readers is the first rate,” explains Batista. “I love to connect with them on an actual-lifestyles stage. The fine element about talking up about social precise has one hundred% been this feature.”


It’s that relationship that has endorsed Batista to proportion everything from info on her mother’s stroke to her desire to assist households in Puerto Rico. What at the start started out as a series of Instagram testimonies voicing her preference to come what may help families coming from Puerto Rico become her crowdsourced initiative, “To Puerto Rico, Con Amor.”

“I am collecting up a list of households coming in from Puerto Rico who have lost all of it and designating one in every one of my helpers to donate their vital wishes to them,” explains Batista. “In a few ways, they’re sponsoring a family or person, who have lost the whole thing and are coming into NY/NJ with simply the clothes on their returned.”

Batista’s helpers are her readers. Readers who DMed her on Instagram or despatched an email her manner asking her to be part of the restoration and helping technique.

Below Batista gives a glimpse into how she’s built a supportive blog following, how she gets all of her content material to coexist and the way she procedures operating with brands.

Vivian Nunez: What’s the venture that grounds you on your work as a content material creator?

Erika Batista: As a totally proud Ecuadorian my challenge is to encourage different ladies to go after their goals and build home windows wherein there are doorways that may not open. Find a manner to deliver your ardor and goals into your ordinary existence. You should be a leader and a chairman, it really is the way to make desires a reality, do all the grimy paintings. Work tough and seize the bull via its horns. These are the type of messages I wish my readers are becoming from me. My riding force is to boost every other woman up and to expose her that her dreams are truly possible.

Nunez: Has selecting to mix each life-style content material and current occasions been a tough selection for you?

Batista: Truthfully, no. When I determined to transition the weblog into extra than just fashion and splendor, I knew I wanted to be open and vocal about something in my life I felt changed into vital to proportion. So whether I become speaking approximately my mom’s stroke, my miscarriage, the matters humans do not say approximately motherhood, my stance on Charlottesville or the state of affairs in Puerto Rico proper now, I always choose to be honest and open and have a voice. I experience that combining present-day events and my branded work is the cause why my readers experience a reference to me because I am relatable.

Nunez: Are you doing maximum of your own pitching or are manufacturers coming to you?

Batista: It’s a mixture of each. I am constantly flattered whilst an emblem I love involves me with a concept for a campaign. To realize that out of all the influencers, they want to paintings with me, it’s a big deal every unmarried time. But yes, I regularly do pitch ideas to manufacturers and from time to time it is successful and other times they’re now not but it is good enough due to the fact no matter what now I am on their radar. So even in the case, you get a no, take a look at it from a high-quality attitude.

Nunez: What sparked you to create your personal initiative to assist Puerto Rico?

Batista: I just knew I had to do more to help the victims directly. There was no question approximately it. Logging right into a website and donating money became no longer sufficient for me, we need to do more. I feel like it’s my social duty to help our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters.

Nunez: What do you desire comes from your initiative?

Batista: I simply need to help these families get again on their feet. If I can help as a minimum one man or woman start over then I even have carried out my task. I feel so lucky to have the matters I actually have and seeing the catastrophe in Puerto Rico has shattered my heart. My reason is also to open up humans’ hearts and spread kindness; we need this act of love extra than ever right now.

Nunez: What’s been the hardest part approximately watching PR insurance and nonetheless needing to post for your social structures like you normally might?

Batista: It’s very difficult to post my branded paintings with everything that is happening within the international. These are the moments that you recognize that the state-of-the-art developments, mommy “issues” or OOTD’s clearly imply nothing. But I trust that due to the fact I am constantly very vocal about my evaluations, my readers understand exactly where my coronary heart is. They take into account that I also have a commercial enterprise to run however that my main issue is doing proper. At this point, they recognize me.

Nunez: What hints do you have got from different bloggers who need to use their very own platforms to advantage an awesome motive?

Batista: Don’t over think it. Don’t fear about what human beings might also say or consider you. Do what for your coronary heart is right. Many humans do not talk up about vital problems due to the fact they’re fearful of the backlash. Listen, your proper and constant fans will continually be there. They like you for precisely who you are. Be authentic to yourself.

Nunez: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve got learned from constructing your blog?

Batista: Always stay authentic to your self and by no means do something simple as it’s the “thing” to do in that moment. An essential piece of this puzzle for me, are my readers and I love them very a lot so I constantly write and percentage things which might be very herbal and authentic to me. Without my fans, my emblem would not exist, it’s them accept as true with and loyalty that makes By Erika Batista what it’s far these days, I have that very clean and I cherish they’re accepted as true within me.


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