Mauritania : Death penalty for Facebook blogger quashed
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 1st October 2020

“The release of Mohamed Mkhaïtir, who has been jailed for almost four years sincerely for peacefully expressing his reviews on Facebook, is a big alleviation. This genuinely is a day of triumph for him and his circle of relatives, as well as all folks who campaigned on his behalf because 2014.”

“Now that Mkhaitir is released, Mauritanian authorities must make sure that he lives without danger of bodily assaults so that he can regain his dignity”.

“This ruling gives a golden possibility for the Mauritanian authorities to change tack on this touchy difficulty and halt their brutal crackdown on human rights activists. The government has to now release Moussa Biram and Abdallahi Matallah the two anti-slavery activists presently jailed in a far-off jail wherein they have spent nearly 500 days .’’


Yesterday, the case of Mohamed Mkhaïtir, who changed into sentenced to death in December 2014 for a “blasphemous” publish he made on Facebook, become heard for a 2d time by using an attraction court docket inside the north-western city of Nouadhibou. The verdict got here out these days with the appeal courtroom quashing the demise sentence and sentencing him for 2 years and a first-class of 145 Euro. He has already spent almost four years in jail.


In December 2013, Mohamed Mkhaïtir posted a Facebook weblog, entitled “Religion, Religiosity and Blacksmiths”, condemning the usage of religion to justify discriminatory practices in opposition to contributors of the blacksmith solid, with which he identifies. Following the publication of his publishing, he acquired threatening cellphone calls accusing him of blasphemy. The publish turned into additionally republished by using numerous websites earlier than it turned into removing.

He wrote a 2nd weblog explaining that this article aimed at denouncing individuals who use religion to belittle contributors of decrease casts. Thousands of protestors took to the streets in numerous towns, along with Nouadhibou and the capital Nouakchott, stressful that Mohamed Mkhaïtir is sentenced to loss of life. Even whilst he turned into in jail he continued to receive death threats. His excellent pal also obtained death risk. His father was sacked from his task and forced to leave the united states.

He turned into arrested on five January 2014 and charged with apostasy. During the trial hearing, Mohamed Mkhaïtir publicly repented, announcing it become not his intention to talk gently of the Prophet Mohammed in his writings. During the primary six months of his detention, he changed into held in solitary confinement in a cellular without bathrooms or a shower.

It is the first time the demise sentence has been imposed for apostasy in Mauritania because of us of a received independence in 1960. Amnesty International special Mohamed Mkhaïtir a prisoner of conscience, jailed solely for the peaceful expression of his proper to freedom of expression.

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