MacOS: Enhance Your Mac File Search With File Comments
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 10th October 2020

When you proper-click a document or folder on your Mac, you could pick Get Info to receive statistics approximately it. You can edit documents and folders to beautify your Mac document seek using this menu. Here’s how to make it simpler to locate your documents with Spotlight.

Get Info Keywords
The Get Info window indicates the homes of a particular report. Information like document kind, length, extension, sharing & permissions, and greater are available here. There is likewise a comments field. This lets you upload textual content to the document houses. And that is our tip.

We can add keywords to the remarks segment. If you partner a selected phrase with a positive document, simply upload that word to the comments field. The spotlight will mechanically index it, and you can kind the keyword into Spotlight to look for it. Of route, you can also use tags in an equal way. Think of Finder tags as the GUI model of Getting Info feedback.

But the advantage of Getting Info comments is that you don’t need to restriction yourself. Maybe you don’t want a gaggle of tags cluttering up the sidebar. Or, perhaps the keyword you need to feature best applies to that precise record. Tags are tremendous while documents have shared attributes. But it’s not very efficient to create a tag that handiest applies to a handful of files.

How To Create Comments
To add a keyword, simply right-click on a document or folder, and pick Get Info from the menu. You also can click on the record or folder once to highlight it, then press Command (⌘) + I on your keyboard.

Note that that is used better with Spotlight. Siri doesn’t seem that allows you to make use of document comments. Even once I used Type to Siri and looked for one in all my key phrases, she couldn’t find the record.

Transferring Data From Your iMac To MacBook Pro

the MacBook Pro and iMac are 2 unique fashions of the Macintosh computers which might be produced with the aid of Apple. There had been four different versions of iMac computing device computer systems tremendously, every recognized with the aid of their processor type, even as the line of Mac Pro laptops has remained regular pretty throughout its lifestyles. It does not count number which iMac you personal, Apple has without a doubt made it lots easier to transfer the facts among the Macs. The matters you’ll need for moving the records are:


· USB flash force or the external tough pressure

· FireWire cable

Transferring The Data

· Create one new folder. You can achieve this via urgent ‘Command + Shift + N’ on laptop of iMac after which name it as ‘Transfer’. Drag all information that you desire emigrate into the ‘Transfer’ folder.

· Highlight this ‘Transfer’ folder and click it simply once. Select the ‘Get Info… ” underneath File menu or you could click on the ‘Command + I’. Window that would open goes to signify how an awful lot amount of facts this folder consists of. You might want to recognize this inside the next step to make a notice of this.

· Double-click on tough drive of Mac Pro. The amount of hard pressure space which is unfastened is indicated at backside of this window. There is another method for the willpower of free area; you can either press the ‘Command + I’ or spotlight the difficult drive of the computer and pick out the ‘Get Info… ” below File. If the full quantity of unfastened space of your MacBook Pro is bigger in comparison to the scale of ‘Transfer’ folder, you can hold to the following step. If now not, you’ll either ought to eliminate a number of the documents from ‘Transfer’ folder on iMac’s laptop or delete some of the files from the Mac Pro.

· Reboot your Mac Pro while you preserve down ‘T’ key. It would boot inside the ‘FireWire’ mode and your display could display FireWire icon. Then connect an quit of the FireWire cable to FireWire jack on iMac and different give up to FireWire jack on MacBook Pro.

· Look out for the hard drive of MacBook Pro, indicated by way of FireWire icon, for mounting on iMac’s computer. Just in case, if it does now not appear, then select ‘Preferences’ underneath the ‘Finder’ and make certain that the ‘External disks’ choice is checked off from below ‘General’ tab.

· Drag your ‘Transfer’ folder from iMac’s laptop to hard drive of MacBook Pro. Once this file is finished copying, eject difficult pressure of MacBook Pro by way of clicking the ‘Eject’ icon in the shape of a triangle or dragging it to the trash.

· By urgent power key, power down MacBook Pro and disconnect FireWire cable. Reboot it now and you would see the folder of ‘Transfer’ at the hard drive. At this kind of point you may now circulate the files to any factor you wan in your MacBook Pro.

· There is every other method for transferring the files is to apply an outside difficult power or a flash pressure. Plug force into iMac, replica the folder of ‘Transfer’ to it after which disconnect it when it’s far finished copying. Attach it to MacBook Pro and additionally copy documents on for your pc.

Before moving information, slim the ‘Transfer’ folder down. You can accomplish that with the aid of deleting any pointless or replica documents. Do not delete files from the iMac till you’ve got showed that they’ve copied effectively to mac memory. Apple has produced the Mac series computer systems with splendid mac ram; the mac pro memory is a living instance of that.

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