The Blogger Behind WeWoreWhat Decided
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 12th June 2020

In this series, Instagram Icon, Entrepreneur speaks with the individuals at the back of famous Instagram bills to discover the secrets in their success.

Six years ago, after shifting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison to FIT in New York City, style blogger Danielle Bernstein determined to release her now famous weblog WeWoreWhat. After taking images of her friends’ clothes, Bernstein decided to “flip the digicam” on herself. It seems, her wondering changed into a spot on. People have been hooked via her elegant, private style, and pretty fast her following grew.

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Shortly after starting her blog, Bernstein accelerated her attain and tapped into Instagram in 2010. Fast-forward seven years, and nowadays when people consider a style blogger, commonly one of the first names that involve thoughts is WeWoreWhat’s Bernstein. With an Instagram following of more than 1.7 million, a knack for fashion and solid business talents, Bernstein has leveraged her blog and social media channels to launch a complete-fledged business that includes e-commerce, editorial and social.

Of course, it’s no longer clean jogging an account with almost 2 million followers, on top of a real commercial enterprise. We stuck up with Bernstein to learn how she’s used Instagram to reinforce her commercial enterprise and her guidelines for fulfillment on the photograph-sharing platform.


WeWoreWhat started out as a road fashion blog whilst I became at FIT six years in the past. I had just transferred from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and turned into blown away by using the distinction in how women dressed for faculty. I started out taking snapshots of outfit suggestion for my friends back in Wisconsin. Eventually, I flipped the camera around and began showing my very own personal style and found out it resonated with people. This becomes proper around the time that Instagram was becoming famous, so it simply made sense to begin posting on there, as well as my blog.

I commenced Instagram [in 2010] just across the time that it released. I think the first photo I ever published turned into my 18th birthday cake — it became so poorly edited and didn’t have any outstanding casting or hashtags. But glaringly as the business and the blogging industry grew, I found out the manner and we sort of made up the rules as we went alongside. Then it became part of my business.

What other structures do you use and what percentage of the time do you spend on them vs. Instagram?

I used to apply Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and WordPress, that’s wherein my blog is hosted, however now it is particularly WordPress [for] my weblog [and] Instagram. Sometimes we forward matter on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t use Pinterest anymore for my social following, [it’s] form of just more private.

I suppose most of the people test Instagram greater than they take a look at whatever else. Now that you may do Instagram Stories, it took out the need for Snapchat, despite the fact that I nevertheless use Snapchat for some things. But I love that it is a good blend. Your Instagram Stories can kind of be this fact TV model of your life and then your Instagram page, for me, is greater editorial, a touch more easily reduces and looks greater like a news feed.

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[Instagram] is wherein a grew the biggest following but also the largest conversion rate. When I might put up something, an emblem could tell me that it [sold] out that day. Things like that confirmed that my Instagram changed into effective in an experience so it’s how I found out I should cognizance on it.

It’s difficult to place various on it. Some days I’ll be on it every couple of minutes, other days I’ll test it two times a day. It depends on how busy I am. If I’m traveling or if it is at some stage in fashion week, I’ll be posting constantly but I might not be in reality looking at what different human beings are posting.

Every publishes is special, but the apps I use for modifying are Snapseed, VSCO, Facetune, and Chromic for movies. I’ve gotten pretty excellent at editing my pix, it best takes me a couple of minutes.

How do you sell your account? What’s your primary manner to advantage followers?

Networking, for me. My account is the product of natural growth. I’ve continually been a fearless networker and that’s something that I supply as advice to humans. Through that, I’ve been able to meet positive people and create relationships with brands [who] I’ve in turn worked with and been cited by on their Instagram channel[s].

How do you interact with others on the platform?

I want to reply to my followers and my direct messages as tons as possible. Sometimes it is tough to hold up with it, however, I like to reply questions and be interactive. There could be an afternoon where I’m like, “OK, I’m ready to answer DMs,” [or] I’ll do a Live Q&A and people will ask a ton of questions and I’ll get to as a lot of them [as] I can.

What’s your content strategy?

In the beginning, I became quite strict: the primary must be an outfit image, then it can be an image of my shoes, then it is [a] vicinity photo. [But] as I grew, I did not maintain up with that as lots — I simply put up what I sense like. If I do not publish every day then I honestly experience awful. I need to preserve consistency. I want to post my outfit that I’m sporting each day, where I am, what I am doing, what I’m ingesting. And then if they’re subsidized posts, I mix them in in a natural way.

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