Razer Phone Review: The Difficult Balancing Act Of A Gaming Smartphone
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 18th June 2020

What type of cellphone do gamers want in 2017? For a few years the answer turned into idea to be corresponding to the Nokia N-Gage, a device that looked greater like a gaming console than a telephone. As mobile gaming changed to become more in step with smartphones that trusted touch screens more and button enter less, the concept of a gaming targeted telephone became a harder sell.

Now comes the new self-titled Razer Phone, coming because it does from a company this is heavily invested in handing over products to the PC gaming network, which is seeking to carry a phone to market this is focused at the desires of gamers in 2017.

The immediate impact of the smartphone comes from the layout, that is a brutal form thing. The smooth edges and corners which are loved by different manufacturers are replaced with a square boxlike structure.

This of path echoes the look of 2016’s Nextbit Robin. Given that Razer purchased the organization in January, this should no longer come as too much of a surprise. Razer has moved far from the diverse color selections to stay with a black that suits its pc and peripherals variety. If you’re acquainted with the Razer styling then this phone is immediately recognizable. It’s also recognizable as a potential Robin 2, that is a delightful confluence of styles.

What is missing from the Razer tick field is the Chroma lights system. Almost every Razer peripheral has the ability for a custom LED glow, while the computer keys are for my part lit in customisable patterns. The engineering to make the Razer snake brand at the lower back of the Razer Phone have the Chroma effect might compromise different parts of the telephone bundle, so that you get an etched emblem in grey (or one in all 1337 restricted edition handsets with the Razer logo within the corporate green coloration).

When you furthermore may recall the bloodless nature of the metallic case and the ensuing increase in weight, that is a handset that ignores a number of the contemporary tenets of smartphone design. It actually feels more like a small pc than a massive phone.


Also echoing the Razer ethos are the specifications. They have been turned up as a long way as is feasible for an industrial telephone. The SnapDragon 835 is quite well known in recent times for a high-end Android tool, however, it’s paired up with a class-main 8 GB of RAM. That permits greater programs to stay ‘in memory’ while you turn between apps a good way to help with loading instances on your favorite video games, and offers the interface more room to function in easily.

There have been loads of paintings completed at the display, and I’d argue this is the important thing promoting point of the Razer Phone. Its 5.7 inch LCD display with 2560×1440 decision – numbers you might see on other devices – but the party trick is the refresh fee. This can move as excessive as one hundred twenty Hz, which leads to relatively smooth portraits, and transitions with a loss of artifacts. The screen refresh price is also synced to the pics co-processor, which means that everybody is drawn and despatched to the screen in time to be fully redrawn at the display screen.

That’s no longer especially beneficial for the likes of Facebook, but on a quick-transferring driving game together with Gear Club, the difference is sizeable. And when do switch to Facebook, you could use Razer’s Game Booster software (one of the few first-birthday celebration Android apps at the Razer Phone) to throttle lower back the display refresh price, the CPU speed, and the display screen decision to keep on battery energy. This may be set on an app by way of app foundation and lets in the consumer the ability to balance out the usage of the high specs towards their battery power.

The refresh charge is excessive, however, the screen remains a massive drain on the battery. It’s no longer as vibrant as competing handsets, so you’re going to be walking the backlight to a far higher degree than you would possibly assume. While LCD is usually going to be less vibrant than the OLED shows of the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Razer Phone’s display feels a little bit greater washed out than I would hope for. Neither of these is deal-killers, however, the Razer Phone’s excessive-end specifications are coming in at $699 so something has to offer and I believe it’s the display screen.

The twin stereo speakers also are on display in the course of panorama gaming. Mounted both sides of the display the speakers (each of which have their very own amp) are THX licensed and use the Dolby Atmos machine. These audio systems are loud, subjectively some of the loudest speakers I’ve heard on a mobile tool. The sound is thrown without delay forward from the screen, your fingers and thumbs don’t block the speaker, and even as you may have to tweak the graphical equalizer you can get enough bass out of those to sense some uncooked strength while playing.

Top of the road processors, speedy and luxurious snapshots, high-quality audio… make no bones approximately it, in case your only attention is core specifications, then buying the Razer Phone is a smooth preference.

The largest omission for me is the 3.Five mm stereo headphone jack. While a USB-C adaptor is packaged inside the box, in case you’re going to pitch your handset as “the remaining in mobile amusement” I suppose that omitting one of the maxima broadly used ports for audio output (and arguably audio enter as well) is a mistake. There is seeking to the future and pushing new standards but the Razer Phone is extra about ‘what works first-rate right now’ and for me having the obvious connector hang outside the chassis on a needless dongle is the wrong technique.

I’ll discount the use of Bluetooth right here. While it could be nice for track and media, the latency and bandwidth during gaming, in particular, P2P gaming with voice comms, isn’t always what you want for a tool centered on handing over gaming performance.

And while it’s nothing to do with gaming or media, the shortage of waterproofing at the telephone is disappointing.


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