Cheap Water Pipes From The Caribbean
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 30th August 2020

If you’re soon departing on a cruise or of Caribbean islands, or even just staying at a resort somewhere, one key component of your trip will be shopping. Whether it be shopping for yourself, or for souvenirs for your friends and loved ones back home, it’s damn near impossible to avoid shopping when you go on vacation anywhere. If you have any friends who happen to be cannabis enthusiasts, you’ll find nothing short of a surplus of grinders, ashtrays, cheap water pipes, and so much more.
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No, It’s Not Legal

    Don’t get the wrong idea. If you think just because you see a lot of cannabis smoking accessories that it might be legal, you’re wrong. Depending on what American state or Canadian province you’re from, you might understand what I mean when I say all these products are only able to be sold because of similar laws which allow head shops to sell bongs in North America. By claiming that any cheap water pipes or rolling papers are ‘for tobacco use only’, they can sell all kinds of similar products to tourists. Even if you do somehow find a safe way to acquire some herb on a Caribbean island, don’t use any pipe or bong that you’d like to bring home, unless you’re prepared to clean it thoroughly before taking it to the airport.

No Stress At The Airport

    On the other hand, don’t go and start worrying about hiding a grinder or cheap little water pipe in your luggage. There’s nothing illegal about traveling with those items so long as they have no residues from any illegal drugs. You could use a pipe for tobacco and travel with that too theoretically. Going out of your way to hide objects like these will just attract their attention for no reason. Be nonchalant and put them together in one compartment of your luggage and you will definitely not be bothered at all. Airport security guards in the Caribbean islands are surely well aware of how tourists love to come home with cannabis related souvenirs for friends back home.

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