ATC open for greater cell tower acquisition possibility
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 21st July 2020

Telecom infrastructure firm ATC will continue to examine acquisition opportunities within the Indian market after completing the integration of 20,000 cellular towers of Vodafone and Idea with its business, a top corporation reputable stated.
“For next six months, our arms are complete until the time integration takes time. Second, having carried out this deal my awareness goes to be extra. But, there are not any difficult and speedy choice because there are a few portfolios which are up for sale at a very appealing charge. We would study it,” American Tower’s EVP and President for Asia Amit Sharma said.
American Tower Company (ATC) has signed an agreement with Vodafone and Idea Cellular to acquire their cellular tower belongings for about Rs 7,850 crore.
With this acquisition, ATC will become 2nd biggest standalone cellular tower corporation in the usa with a portfolio of eighty,000 towers.
In April 2016, ATC completed an acquisition of 51 in line with cent controlling stake in Viom Networks which has the portfolio of over 42,000 towers.
Indus Tower leads Indian cell tower marketplace with 1,23,073 towers. Bharti Infratel owns 39,264 towers on the standalone basis. State-run BSNL has around sixty-six,000 cellular towers at present.
Sharma, who’s additionally chairman of the Board for ATC Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited, stated that the organization will first observe the size of cell tower of the company that it will acquire together with tenancy it has on its towers.
He said that except huge 3 telecom operators, BSNL and Aircel will retain to operate.



“Aircel may get smaller however they’re no longer going to head away. Three large players and smaller ones (BSNL and Aircel) that isn’t always a bad market from a tower agency angle. There could be both one very huge tower organization with us as second or there can be 3 tower companies that make for a completely stable shape,” Sharma stated.
He said that there will be proper increase opportunity as soon as Indian telecom marketplace settles after consolidation and ATC will hold to function in India.
“We are not monetary investors who are available commercial enterprise for a few time period and the appearance to go out. This is our core commercial enterprise. Our plan could be very simple. We think in a yr or two when consolidation is over cell market will begin to develop,” Sharma stated.
He said that the want for information would require extra websites.
“At that point, you may begin to develop hastily. We could be one of the essential players in the marketplace to offer the ones websites.
We are not going everywhere,” Sharma said.
According to cellular tower industry frame TAIPA, telecom operators are expected to make investments USD 20 billion (round 1.Three lakh crore) within the subsequent year and 1/2 of it will be made on telecom infrastructure.

Cell Tower Leasing – Letters of Intent

The modern-day cell tower leasing trick we have encountered is tower corporations which might be the usage of “Letters of Intent” as a tool to unwittingly get assets proprietors to signal what they agree with to be a harmless letter. Some humans are brought about believe that that is “only a manner for us to lock in these terms with our bosses” or “just a letter of information in order that we are able to investigate the use of the website”. Well, those letters aren’t easy however I can inform you what they’re in many cases….Legally binding!

One of the folks that fell for this cell website online leasing ploy has been no longer naïve within the ways of commercial enterprise. In reality, they have been very savvy real estate builders who assumed they may trust the charming young female who become dealing with things for the mobile tower agency. They signed a completely special document that locked them right into a deal wherein the service ought to impose their will on the owners. I am sure that Ms. Charming was given a pleasing fat financial incentive for taking gain of this overly trusting belongings proprietor. This mistake cost them over $250,000.00 greenbacks in lost sales, over a thirty-year duration, that they might have gotten if they had been properly informed previous to executing their cellular tower hire.

Why could you ever should signal any sort of agreement before you ever see the phrases? When looking for an automobile might you sign a letter pointing out that you’ll purchase a car for $40,000.00 and hand them your money hoping that they give you a new BMW once they deliver to you a 1975 Pinto? No of the path you would no longer.

Here is any other question for you. Why could all of us try to get you to signal something unless it’s miles binding and can be used in opposition to you in a court of law? There is the no different cause…. That is the reason they are trying and get you to signal this. The simplest man or woman this is being locked into something is you and generally, in a manner, this is very one-sided and only advantages the carriers and the power companies.

The mobile tower leasing specialists they hire are very charming and friendly and might remind you of your brother, cousin or infant. Some are first-rate folks that are simply doing their jobs. Many of them are sharks who smell a short greenback and could shove you down a flight of stairs for a nickel. Either manner they do no longer be just right for you… They have hired guns that paintings for the providers and the powerful corporations.

If you’re a landlord or a belongings proprietor and had been approached by means of a mobile provider or mobile tower developer about placing a cell site on your private home, right here is the rule for managing tower agencies or vendors who try to get you to sign a “Letter of Intent”……. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!!!!!!! Call you’re recommend or better but name a certified wireless consultant that may manual you and fight for your rights and needs. The providers have professionals…Why shouldn’t you?

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