Android safety: Sneaky three-stage malware discovered in Google Play store
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 23rd July 2020

Another crop of Android apps hiding malware were found in – and eliminated from – the Google Play shop.

Researchers at ESET found 8 apps available to download through Google Play which all carried Trojan-Dropper, a form of malware which permits attackers to drop extra malicious payloads ranging from banking trojans to spyware.

Disguised as apps along with information aggregations and gadget cleaners, the apps looked valid but concealed their malicious houses with the help of obfuscation and delaying the setting up of the payload.

Following the preliminary download, the app would not request the suspicious permissions related to malware and will, to begin with, mimic the activity the person expects – the latter is an increasingly commonplace tactic by malicious software program builders.

However, along with this person-facing hobby, the app secretly decrypts and executes payloads in a multi-step process. The malicious app decrypts and executes a primary-stage payload which when in turn decrypts and executes a second-degree payload. This second-stage payload incorporates a hardcoded URL which the malware makes use of to download a third-degree payload containing any other malicious app.

All of that is occurring inside the heritage without the person’s expertise until, after a five-minute wait, they’re caused to put in or replace an app. This is disguised to look as though it’s miles a shape of legitimate software such as the update for Adobe Flash Player or the Android device itself when it, in reality, the 1/3-stage of the malware’s dropping method.

The setup request asks for permission for intrusive sports such as studying contacts, sending and receiving calls and textual content messages and the capacity to regulate and delete the contents of storage. If permission is given to put in this ‘update’, Trojan-Dropper supplies the 0.33-degree payload which decrypts and executes the very last payload in the form of the malware itself.



Once installed at the device, Trojan-Dropper is used to install other styles of malware – the malware has been noticed trying to deliver the MazarBot banking trojan and various sorts of adware, but researchers are aware it is able to be used to deliver any malicious payload of the criminals’ preference.

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Researchers analyzed the bit.Ly URL used to supply the very last download and determined that almost 3,000 users – in the main based in The Netherlands – reached this degree of the contamination. ESET has informed Google of the apps, which have now been removed from the store.

ESET’s record comes at the same time as researchers at Malwarebytes have uncovered a new shape of Android trojan malware masquerading as multiple apps within the Play Store.

Disguised as innocuous looking apps which include an alarm clock, a QR code reader, a photo editor and a compass, thousands of users have downloaded AsiaHitGroup malware from the Google Play store.

“Based on data from Google Play, the apps gift within the Play store that are infected with Android/Trojan.AsiaHitGroup were installed 10, seven hundred to 22,000 instances,” Nathan Collier Senior Malware Intelligence Analyst advised ZDNet.

Like other styles of malware, AsiaHitGroup appears to look valid, even coming with the marketed function. However, in this example, the consumer best gets one hazard to apply the app, because after it’s far closed the icon disappears.

But rather than becoming inactive, AsiaHitGroup disguises itself as the telephone’s ‘download supervisor’ inside the downloaded apps and maintains to perform its malicious pastime – which in this case entails tracking the consumer’s location and distributing adware a good way to generate money. Researchers say the geolocation tools make sure that the malware simplest goals customers in Asia.

Like Trojan-Dropper, AsiaHitGroup makes use of obfuscation strategies to cover itself within the Google Play shop.

In trouble instances, customers with Google Play Protect enabled could have been covered from the malicious apps, but these are just the latest times of malware locating its manner into professional software market for Android users – BankBot banking records stealing malware become currently discovered in the store for the 0.33 time.

Google says it has a stringent safety procedure for preventing malicious software program entering into the Play save and that it maintains the substantial majority of its 1.4 billion Android customers secure from malware.

ZDNet has tried to contact Google for comment, however, hadn’t acquired a response at the time of e-book.

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