Health IQ raises $34.6 million for existence coverage for wholesome people
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 15th July 2020

That’s the idea at the back of Health IQ, a startup that’s been making headway in the “insureTech” category.

Venture capitalists have been betting that insurance is ready for trade and Health IQ has satisfied buyers to place any other $34.6 million within the startup for its Series C. Andreessen Horowitz is leading the round with participation from Charles River Ventures, First Round Capital, Foundation Capital and others.

Munjal Shah, co-founder, and CEO of Health IQ said that stated he turned into inspired to start the business after encountering a fitness difficulty, right after he offered his remaining startup, Riya, to Google.

It started out as an online fitness quiz and after one million human beings took the check, Shah believed that he had “by chance built the largest new mortality table in 100 years of life insurance.”

Now that quiz, which has questions about diet and exercise, is used to determine whether a person needs to get a discount on their policy.

Health IQ presents existence insurance with a four% bargain for folks that pass the quiz. Users are eligible for any other four% cut price if they meet sure thresholds like strolling an 8-minute mile.

And he says that because it’s primarily based on the healthful way of life as opposed to family history, for a few human beings it can keep them any other 25% to what they could be paying someplace else.

“Those who have taken duty ought to get a special rate,” stated Shah.

Health IQ is paid a commission via coverage vendors whenever it sells someone a policy.

Shah stated he would like to move past life coverage and amplify to health insurance, however, he laments that the current U.S. Device doesn’t allow for wholesome humans to pay a lower price.



He hopes so that it will change someday and that he can execute on a concept that he believes promotes “meritocracy.”

Health is Wealth – Do You Agree?

I agree complete-heartedly with the announcing “Health Is Wealth”. If a person isn’t healthy then he or she can locate it very difficult or maybe impossible to revel in existence, even though she or he may be very wealthy.

If I am asked to select one from two of the following matters, so as to I pick: fitness without wealth, or, wealth without health? Without hesitation, I will pick out the former. There isn’t any doubt.

Wealth is generally related to how a lot of cash a person has, this is, how rich he is. An uncle of mine could be very wealthy. He has pretty much the whole thing all people can desire for, and some things no one dares to hope for. That is how rich he is. He lives in a big mansion guarded via huge Dobermans and sophisticated burglar alarms. He has pricey cars, furniture, artwork and different wealthy guy’s toys. Well, he has the whole thing besides appropriate fitness.

Everywhere he goes he consists of with him a bag of medicine. He has to take capsules normal for his weak coronary heart, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He is ready sixty years vintage and has spent his lifestyles amassing wealth. Without the doubt, he has succeeded in turning into very rich. However, he has also succeeded in becoming very unhealthy too. He laments about his lack of fitness and says that how he wanted that he becomes young and healthy once more. Unfortunately, he can not regain his health again.

This example of wealth without fitness isn’t always what I need to observe. It is ridiculous to have so much fabric wealth but being not able to revel in it. What is the use of money while one has to take a lot of medication every day simply to live alive? How can one experience existence when one’s frame is weakened with the aid of ailment and ache? No wonder my uncle laments so.

Health without wealth is some distance higher. That is what I have now. I do not need to fear even a chunk approximately what I can eat or do. I devour and do what I like because my body is healthful. Of course, I do no longer abuse it via taking tablets or overexerting myself. I take top care of my frame. In that manner, I stay healthful.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is taken into consideration one of the oldest spices and unsurpassed factor in the kitchen. It has a totally great smell and taste and is used as an addition to fruit salads, pies, and other cakes. Many humans just like the coffee that sprinkled with a touch cinnamon, as it gets a unique taste. It may also be brought to tea and different beverages.

In fact, one has to distinguish among types of cinnamon. One is Ceylon cinnamon, that’s higher and encouraged for intake. The second is the Chinese cinnamon, that is of decrease satisfactory, and as such is appropriate for industrial manufacturing fresheners, scented candles and so forth. Chinese cinnamon is not recommended within the weight loss plan as it incorporates greater coumarin than allowed. Ingredient coumarin in large doses can cause liver and kidney harm.

See why cinnamon is good for your health.

1. It controls blood sugar levels – Several studies have proven that cinnamon has a fantastic impact on blood sugar degrees. Cinnamon is a famous herbal remedy used by human beings laid low with kind 2 diabetes.

2. Treating fungal Infections – Studies have proven that cinnamon oil is powerful in the treatment of infections caused by Candida, such as Candida tropicalis and Candida Albicans.

Three. It relieves the symptoms resulting from poisoning – Cinnamon has a robust antibacterial effect and is extremely good inside the remedy of belly troubles caused by salmonella and E. Coli. Ground cinnamon, oil or tea cinnamon, are effective in neutralizing belly issues.

Four. Helps in the treatment of symptoms of inflammatory bowel syndrome – Cinnamon considerably reduces the unpleasant symptoms of inflammatory bowel syndrome, specifically helps with flatulence. This plant stimulates digestion and helps within the remedy of bacterial infections. In addition, cinnamon is an amazing remedy for belly cramps.

Five. Helps with osteoporosis and arthritis – Cinnamon is wealthy in manganese, which facilitates construct bones, blood and connective tissues in the body. People who have much less of manganese within the frame frequently be afflicted by osteoporosis and arthritis. In pain because of arthritis can help massage oil of cinnamon or sipping tea cinnamon.


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