Exhibition commemorates lifestyles and times of Steve Biko
Posted by Jack P. Yon on 16th July 2020

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Exhibition commemorates existence and instances of Steve Biko
November 15, 2017, Athena O’Reilly

Advocate Sonwabile Mancotywa CEO of the National Heritage Council
Picture: Eugene Coetzee/The Herald
In a bid to provide a platform for Port Elizabeth citizens to hold and have fun the existence of Steve Biko, Ezingcanjini African Heritage hosted an exhibition at the ArtEC Gallery in Bird Street final night time.



The exhibition, titled Steve Biko’s Last Days in Port Elizabeth, info the lifestyles of the war icon and the day went by venerated the date an inquest become opened into the reason of his death.

The inquest into the loss of life of Biko, who endured torture and brutality in police custody before his death on September 12, 1977, changed into opened on November 14 that year.

Ezingcanjini African Heritage’s director and organizer of the exhibition, Simphiwe Msizi, said he desired to create consciousness and train humans on the rich history the city needed to offer.

“I actually have learned from other towns how they have preserved the websites struggle icons both died at or had been arrested at as a historical past website and I desired to do it in this city as nicely,” he said.

“Hosting the exhibition become only a manner of saying we had first-rate leaders whose records ought to get lost right here if we did nothing.

“PE was once a hub of activism and it’s miles unfortunate that the municipality has carried out very little to keep or building up the background of the metropolis and specifically Steve Biko.”

Msizi, who has worked on many initiatives for the reason that 2006 instructing people at the function and life of Biko, scooped the prestigious National Heritage Council Liberation Heritage Stewardship Award in September.

National Heritage Council leader government Advocate Sonwabile Mancotywa hailed Msizi for his function in preserving Biko’s background alive.

“There is lots of historical past in this u. S . A . Nevertheless in non-public palms which could disappear and we clearly conducted a take a look at to look how we will reconstruct numerous societies from colonialism and convey forth education round records or the horrors of our battle icons.

“We recognized Msizi’s paintings and honored him with an award which is very important in now not letting our memories be forgotten,” he stated.

Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral committee for game, exercise, arts, and way of life Siyasanga Sijadu stated the municipality should do more to back passionate artists whose intention changed into to hold heritage and culture alive in the Bay.

Type 2 Diabetes – An Unhealthy Lifestyle Leads to an Unhealthy Body

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How to Turn Your Unhealthy Lifestyle to Healthy

Is a bad way of life your responsibility or the fitness care systems? Well, as an endorse for wholesome lifestyles, I agree with that each character has to take responsibility for their picks, moves and their usual health. That being stated, this actually way that fitness is an issue of preference. When you are not healthy because of your consumption of fatty foods, excessive-sugar beverages, smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages (in excess) or not exercise regularly, you are contributing to your bad lifestyle. With the freedom of choice comes the responsibility to pick wisely.

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